The Foundation: The Declaration of the Topics and Code of the Masonology Blog

So this is the true opening blog post for the blog “Masonology” blogged by yours truly, Livingstone. But first, a little about me.

I’m a Master Mason in due form. I was raised in California by a regular lodge in accordance with the laws of the Grand Lodge of California. I am someone who deeply believes in the Masonic values of self-improvement, upright character, and fortitude that are the landmarks of the great Masons that have traveled upon this earth. As as you have figured, Livingstone is a pen name, inspired by Masonic symbolism. Yet as many things in Masonry are, it has multiple meanings.

This blog will be about the Masonic World in all of its aspects. Here are the notable topics that will be covered here.



Masonic News

Anti-Masonry Watch

Masonry and its relation to world events

Masonic Charity

The Brotherhood


Masonry and its code of Truth, Relief, and Brotherly Love have existed since time immemorial. Yet we Masons have remained shrouded in secrecy and darkness for a variety of philosophical and pragmatic reasons. Those reasons, will soon be discussed. But in today’s technology age, with boundless information, social networking, NSA observation and our new modern society…Masonry and its place in our society is set to begin a new era. Gone are the days of Masons staying shrouded in total darkness from non-Masons. Now a new generation of Masons are seeking to shine the light of Masonry into the world.

And it is my humble hope that this blog, is one of those lights.



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