Freemasonry and Christianity: Reddit Faceoff

Hello readers,

Livingstone here. When I’m not at lodge, relaxing or working in my usual vocation (my multiple jobs, it’s the new economy they tell us), I am a regular poster on Reddit under the name OfficialRedditLawyer. No, I don’t work for Reddit. When I saw the name was available a long time ago it amused me so much I snatched it up. To be a lawyer on the internet, the only bar you have to pass is the loading progress bar.

So today I decided to have a lively discussion with the 62,000 member strong forum of /r/Christianity. And I ended up with one of the most lively and entertaining discussions I have ever had. You can see it all right here.

To say it was smooth sailing is absolutely not the case, which was extremely surprising. /r/Christianity is known for being one of the best boards on Reddit. I’m a regular follower and I love the board and its moderate atmosphere of friendly debate.

But believe or not the majority of the people went in were very concerned with Masonry, even scared of it. And the people who were the most scared/concerned went in with bad philosophy  What do I mean? I’ll explain bad philosophy in a later post but here are some choice quotes on the subject.

It’s not so much the teachings of lower-level masonry where the problems exist. It’s the levels past, and the revealed teachings, double-meanings of signs and symbols, and oaths (whether looked at symbolically or literally) that are a problem for a Christian.

So a guy who has never seen this, go on “the internet” and finds out these super secrets and they must be true?! And he knows them and I don’t? Doesn’t anyone see the irony in any of this? The fear of the unknown is a universal human condition. But it doesn’t effect everyone. There are two types of people in the world: the people that fear the dark and then those that have the light of God in them and know that in time all will be illuminated.

To conceal each other’s crimes.

Well if you’re going to go big, you might as well start off with a whopper. When an anti-mason starts to make up stuff right off the bat to prove his argument, you know you’ll be finishing in the shallow end. Did you know the Civil War was Masons effectively in combat with each other?

It is virtual conspiracy against both Church and State.

The best part about this quote, other then being an outright lie which others have mentioned, is that Masonic ideals of tolerance, charity, freedom of religion, democracy, science, etc. are all Masonic ideals. If you agree with those, you’ll have no problem with Masonry. But as Hitler and the Soviet Union learned…those with Masonic ideals always prevail.

If you clicked the link and read through this a while, you’ll see the typical anti-masonic arguments that we Masons have seen since time immemorial, and there are answers to all of them in here.

Now no internet argument wouldn’t be complete without a few “dark side” comments being made. Here they are and have some fun.

1.) They’re running by the Illuminati and are intent on overtaking the world.

2.) They have always controlled the United States’ government, hence points of D.C. being in the shape of a Pentagram.

3.) They employ Jay-Z to spread their propaganda and mask their status as lizard people.

Wahhhhh????? I went along with it being funny satire. Right…right?

He never responded back to my joking response…

I know only the most superficial things about it, like that it’s a bunch of reptilian shapeshifters disguised as old white guys who secretly rule the world. On a more serious note, isn’t it esotericism?

Ok…this reptialian shapeshifter thing…why do people say this and where did it come from? I mean, I think I have an active imagination but even Freemasons think this is nuts.

[–]Filet_o_phil [score hidden] 3 hours ago

My dad is a Shriner, if masons are reptiles, are Shriners dinosaurs?

Again with the reptiles. Why not secret fish? The fish have a lot to gain by the rising sea levels, we need to keep an eye on them.

So there you have it. I debated a forum of 62,000 people and cleared out all of their arguments and in some unfortunate cases, outright lies. Again, I think /r/Christianity is a terrific forum and in general I think Christians get WAY more flak then they deserve in many ways in comparison to other religions. But that is a post for another time.

Until then, enjoy your travels.



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