Benjamin Franklin Explains Freemasonry (Somewhat)

As a part of this blog, I will address  various Masonic text, video, and so forth floating around the internet. Today, I will be addressing a notable YouTube video that was added a while back.

I’m showing this video because recently the Massachusetts Freemasons began running ads telling the world about Freemasonry. Now this is a huge shock to our community as Freemasons typically work in the dark, so to speak. One of our main rules we follow is we cannot invite someone to be a Mason or ask someone to be a Mason.

However the workaround for this rule, is that we can tell people about Masonry, except for the secret stuff. Obviously this is still hugely controversial but for some perspective if there is one thing Masons like to do, its argue with each other. People were going to complain even if they did nothing.

I’m torn on videos like these. I really think this violates our rules but at the same time there are so many misconceptions about Masons, we almost need to let people know about us.

So take a look, and let me know what you think.


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