LA Scottish Rite Temple Closes


I would like to thank brother Christopher Hodapp for his excellent reporting on this. He wrote the book “Freemasory for Dummies” and occasionally updates his blog with Masonic news. I consider him a premier voice in our digital community.

The temple being sold for $8 million is a painful story for us Masons. For a fraternity so seeped in history, to see our history sold away is something that makes many Masons just want to shake their heads.

The Temple had been mostly closed since 1994 as the result of mismanagement and the violation of several codes. For those conspiracy theorists who think Masons control the world, even we bow in fealty to the California legal system.

The temple is a place I have visited before and to say it’s an awe inspiring building is an understatement. It’s pure Masonry. A massive structure, no windows, egyptian iconography and statues of famous Masons around it. The type of building to make you wonder while walking by.

Personally I’m torn. On one hand I’m saddened we lost a piece of our history today. On another hand that money can be used very effectively to generate a stronger HUMAN structure in Masonry. The buildings we build should stand the test of time, that is our Masonic culture and the values we share. Yet we must also build new buildings for different times. The building isn’t going to vanish. And neither is Masonry. It is better to cut down a tree and use the carcass of the tree to fertilize it’s seeds to make many more trees. The building may leave our hands, but I suspect that someday it will return to the fraternity once again.

I just hope my brothers know what they’re doing. Good luck Scottish Rite.



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