The richest fictional character in history…is a Freemason?

Daddy Warbucks and Little Orphan Annie

Hello readers,

Livingstone here. While I was doing my usual Masonic research today I decided to take a break and get some fraternal banter time in with my online brothers. But something interesting came across my desk today while talking to them. And I thought it might be of interest to you whether Mason or Profane.

The richest fictional character in the world…is Daddy Warbucks from Little Orphan Annie. And he’s also a Brother!

We were all surprised. A real TIL. We didn’t even know he was the richest. Except Forbes did a ranking and in “2007” ranked him the richest fictional character of all time.

Quick note. Did you see how I “quoted” 2007. Well Wikipedia said in 2007 he was considered the richest of all time. Except the Forbes richest fictional characters of all time in 2007 DIDN’T have Daddy at #1. I then checked Wikipedia again and went to their source at the bottom. It said 2005 Forbes. I clicked the link, smiling as I shook my head at someone’s litte mistake.

Only to find that 2005 was also wrong. I’m a defender of Wikipedia and it is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. But this was one of those moments that make you realize you should always double check what you read. The one where he was ranked #1 overall as you can see from the link is in 2006.

Harold Gray, Little Orphan Annie Cartoonist

But back to Warbucks. Obviously us Masons are honored to have an industrious man, philanthropist and a carer of orphans as part of The Fraternity. I did some digging on Little Orphan Annie to find out where this bit of inspiration came from and you guessed it, the cartoonist Harold Gray was also a Brother.

I bet you’ll go back and look at all that code ring stuff, supernatural themes and treasure adventures in the comic strip a little more closely now.

So even in fiction members of our ancient order find a way to make an appearance. And with that I’ll leave you with a frame from the Little Orphan Annie strip that says it all.



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