Beer and Freemasonry in the United States

Hello Brothers,

Livingstone here.

Friday is a big “mail it in” day for the worldwide community. Alright, maybe its just me. But I want our Friday columns to have a little more personality and be the type of place where you can laugh your ass off or see something nice and interesting. The world likes to image we’re a group of philosophical Satanists who coordinate Egyptian sex orgies and plan world domination. That’s just Tuesdays. The rest of the week we find a way to have our Masonic self-improvement but we are a FRATERNITY by the way. Boozing, parties, cook-outs, bullshitting around and other things are are rich part of Masonry history. And I’m not just talking Shriners.

Sam Adams is a very well known Mason who was the foundation of some of the best crafted beer in America, and I would argue the world. And since InBev bought Budweiser, Sam Adams is now the largest American own beer company in the country. If you love America, Freemasonry or both, drink a cold Sam Adams.

Enjoy your evening and have a great weekend.



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