Freemasons Make Triumphant Return

Freemasons Make Triumphant Return

Our Australian Brothers seem to be making strong headway in the return of Masonry. To Re-establish a Royal Arch chapter is a fascinating development. It shows that the energy levels, interest, and drive are strong enough to have Brothers go for more then just handling the status quo. That they are looking to bigger and better things for the Masonic experience.

While I’m not a big appendant body person myself, the York Rite does have legitimate arguments that its ritual is one of the original ones, if not an original one. Before Masonry became a speculative art, it was an operative enterprise and the masonic system was designed to create brothers who could build the world while also making sure that knowledge stayed with them. However that system was rarely universal, and in many ways the Masonry we see today is result from all these hidden lodges. No one is sure if there was a correct way for the ritual. But there were a strong bedrock of at least the core parts, foundation and structure that made Masonic ritual nearly the same world-wide. Except for York Rite, which has traces to the York Lodge which has some “additional” degrees.

These are all things I’ll cover in a specific blog entry. But for now, time to toast to Masonic success around the world


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