Masonology Blog: What’s next? (And a little self-improvement)

Hello readers,

Livingstone here.

I’m writing this day not about Masonry but about this blog. When I first set out to write about Freemasonry and the Masonic world, the amount of things to talk about were near limitless. But the form and focus on what I was going to talk about was something I knew right away.

Masonic self-improvement. How to improve yourself using the principles of Masonry. But I didn’t want this to just focus on Freemasons but everyone alike. The principles of Masonry have helped many men achieve great levels of worldly success and spiritual clarity and improvement. I created this blog because I wanted to help bring those things that helped us to much to you so it could help you.

So for those of you that read this blog, I want you to know this is just the beginning. That this blog is going to undergo some serious renovations and improvements. It will be more functional. It will add the elements of beauty that we Masons are so fond of and will have some great visual style. It will have more reader feedback and discussion. We will have photos and art within the articles. And it will expand into other realms so people from many different stations in life can lean to use the Masonic principles of self-improvement to their own lives.

So today, I am going to pass along some self-improvements tips and information that can hopefully be very helpful to you. Many of these things will not be Masonic. Much of the knowledge we Masons have comes from Masonry. But that knowledge is only the type of foundational knowledge that can lay a base and not the type that can help you read faster or cure cancer. Masonry is about the building of one’s mind. And to build that mind, you need to use the best tools, best materials, and ingenuity.

Today’s external Masonic education will be timed based initiatives. All revolving around dramatic self-improvement in a short amount of time.

How to Read 200% Faster in 10 Minutes

Scientific 7 Minute Workout

The One Minute Manager

Read these three today. Not tomorrow. Today. The second you push this off till tomorrow, you’ll have forgotten about it. You must force yourself to separate you mind from the distractions around you to make those real changes to yourself you have always wanted. Sure you may have some TV show, or book club or whatever you think you’ll miss. And you may feel it is the end of the world if you miss it. STOP IT. Be selfish with your time. For the hourglass of time never stops. Our time here on earth is finite. And every day a little more sand pours from it until we someday return to the earth. Your time for change is now. Read the above three and then apply each of those three IMMEDIATELY.

And then do it the next day. And continue to apply that knowledge to your life. I wish you luck in your journey and I will see you tomorrow.



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