The Syria Situation September 28, 2013

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As you have been reading the news lately, you are right now probably observing the war drums of the West beating loudly for a military response to the Syria gas attack. Here are some links of note.

Syria Gas Attack

Obama Administration Planning an Attack that will be “Brief and Limited”

Kucinich Says a Strike will make the US “Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

US War in Syria – What Will it Mean?

For those that have begin reading this blog a little over a month ago, the topics of this blog have stuck very closely to Masonry. And for good reason, the blog is called Masonology and is about all things in the Masonic world. This situation is very much part of the Masonic world. I’ll explain in a moment.

Masonry’s system is a morality blueprint to help Masons become masters of building their minds and building up the world around them. That blueprint doesn’t just extend to how Masons should treat each other in lodge, but also to how they should treat each their fellow person. To build the world by the blueprint God gave us, we must consult our VSLs. In my case, The Bible.

So when we watch what is going on in Syria and the world, I would argue that these are things that are VERY much part of the Masonic World. For we are constantly interacting with Masons and Profane alike who are involved or connected to these events whether we like it or not. The irony of this broad interpretation on my part is not lost on me. For the US Government’s broad interpretation of imminent threats and dangers to America are the justification for why it can attack Syria. For the US, because we exist in a globalized economy and because we have military infrastructure around the world, the ability to generate legal justification for war against any country is possible on their part. An uncomfortable reality of the world we live in and it allows the US the ability to create perpetual war in The Middle East.

Now for the citizens of Syria, life is currently hell. Trapped between a dictator in Assad and the Al-Qaeda backed rebels. To call Iraq a quagmire would be mean that Syria is a black hole. Yet right now it looks to be a serious decision that the Obama Administration has not only considered, but by all accounts plans to get involved with militarily.

As a Freemason, Syria has not been kind to us since Freemasonry revealed itself to the world. Freemasonry is banned in Syria and Freemasons there very much live in fear that they will be discovered and imprisoned. Actually Freemasonry has been banned throughout the entire Muslim world since the Pope banned it back in 1738. For Freemasons in Syria, they are trapped between a dictator who seeks to crush them and Al Quada who will do just the same.

Which is too bad too, because there have been some important national contributions to Syria by Syrian Freemasons. Master Mason Hanna Malek was the the secretary-general of the Syrian premiership and Grand Master Ata al-Ayyubi was the key figure in the overthrow of French colonel rule of Syria and eventually became the Prime Minister of Syria. Freemasons helped to create Syria and now they live in fear of being discovered.

As a Freemason, we have a wide range of views and opinions. And again, these opinions and speculations I have are mine and mine alone. The UK, France, and the US at the moment are almost certainly going to attack Syria in response to the gas attack and it will take a act of God for them to be stopped. For many of you, you are probably feeling a bit cynical right now. After the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the war campaigns of Yemen and Libya, and the threatening of Iran, many of your feel that the US is in a state of perpetual war in the Middle East. A war that will never end and one where every time an enemy is crushed, the power that replaces it is destined to become and eventual adversary.

Well you aren’t being cynical. You are actually embracing the reality of the world we live in and the US’s world policy that has spanned many presidencies. This is the reality and there is too much of a benefit to those in power to continue war. War distracts the American populace from the problems at home, it is extremely profitable for companies who sell weapons, and it helps the executive branch accumulate power for the sake of “safety” and “victory”.

War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.

– George Orwell

So I could leave you with just this warning and a message to do something. But that would be too vague. So I offer a solution.

Civilly contact your local representative and any civic, religious, and cultural leader about how you feel. If you disagree with the US’s involvement or even if you agree. And there are legitimate reasons for why we can become involved. But get involved. Contact these people. The phone calls will take 45 minutes and after that 45 minutes you will feel like a changed person. And then talk to people you know who feel the same way and get them to call and contact someone. And gather your facts and evidence before you do it and speak to them civilly, or at least their assistant or liaison. But reach out. Send emails. Send letter. Call them.

Before I finish up this blog entry, I want to leave you with one final thought. When it comes to anti-masonry, I have always felt there was a fundamental reason why people would fear us Freemasons. And here is why. There are two types of people in the world. Those that feel they don’t have power and that those in power control them. The other people believe they do have power and they can control the world around them. The first ones fear the Freemasons, because it fits their view that they are powerless to the system. The 2nd group does not fear Freemasons, for they know that they have the power to make the changes they want. And eventually, they make those changes.



2 thoughts on “The Syria Situation September 28, 2013

  1. Hello. I found this page on google, looking for some information about Syrian freemasonry. I’m not sure if you would be interested, but my great-grandfather was a mason and was stationed in Homs (Emessa) after the First World War. I have found some photos of him and local masons, as well as some letters between them. It’s not much, but I thought there must be some archivist who would be interested. Searched for information about 3 years ago but couldn’t find anything, but I just found your blog.

    Given the current terrible situation in Syria I expect any masons there are keeping a low profile, but someone might like to see the pictures. Some of the writing’s in Arabic, which I can’t read. It seems that the Ottomans were rather more tolerant of freemasonry than other Muslims. The masons in Homs may well have been of Greek Christian extraction.

    David Birch

    • Hi David, send that information along right away. I’d love to read it and look at it!

      What is going on in Syria is terrible and there aren’t any easy answers. But to stand by and let the violence continue is also just as bad. Hopefully we can find some way for this to come together in a more peaceful manner.

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