God is Real: Find out how in 4 easy steps!

Hello Readers,

Livingstone here.

I am about to quote a posting from a terrific Reddit user proving the existence of God. Or most importantly, disproving the REJECTION of God. Here is how.

Disproving the rejection of God’s existance


  • 1: The existence of God is an epistemic possibility.
    • Warrant: Nobody has logically or empirically proven or disproven the existence of God, such that belief in a God is irrational for a logical person.
  • 2: When faced with an epistemic possibility, a human is always forced to make a choice based on insufficient evidence.
    • Warrant: It is impossible to have no beliefs about an entity once its possibility is introduced. You believe that God exists; you believe that God does not exist; or you believe that you have insufficient information to decide whether God exists. You are forced to have a belief about God.
  • 3: A person’s set of beliefs has an impact on their actions and quality of life.
    • Warrant: This should be empirically obvious. If I believe that I am evil and God hates me and wants to punish me, I am likely to have low self-esteem and a constant sense of guilt. If I believe that black people are inherently inferior, I am likely to treat them differently.
    • Warrant: By contradiction. If a belief has no impact on a person’s actions or quality of life, it is impossible to assign relevance to that belief, because no evidence can ever be gathered. That belief might as well not exist.
  • 4: People select their beliefs based on multiple factors, including their circumstances, upbringing, critical thought, etc.
    • Warrant: Again, empirically obvious. If I think that the existence of God matches my pattern of observations about the world, I am likely to believe in God, and vice versa.
  • Conclusion: If claims 1-4 are correct, then it is possible that God exists; there is an impact to believing that God does (or does not) exist; I am forced to make a choice about my orientation towards God and thus accept a particular set of impacts associated with my choice; and I will make that choice based on my experiences as well as my observed outcome of my choice. When forced to make a choice, an intellectually rigorous (non-lazy) person will evaluate the possibility of multiple options, assess the results of each option, and select the option that produces the best results based on their experiences. Therefore, a person who evaluates that God exists based on the positive effects of that belief and consistency with observed experiences is indiscernible from an intellectually rigorous person.


If someone challenges your belief in God, discriminates against your for believing in God, and for having a belief that you are intellectually flawed needs a quick visit to this post. Favorite it and get ready to whip it out when someone wants to let you know that you can’t prove God’s existence and that you are insane for believing in God. Educate them because no one else will


3 thoughts on “God is Real: Find out how in 4 easy steps!

  1. This is great, The use of reason to counter argument against those that say they use reason to prove that god does not exist. The only logical reason for exercising reason to disprove god, is to disprove consequences for our actions.

    • The scientific method is a terrific model to be able to understand the world and we should apply it to all things. However the issue we run into with people who refuse to apply it to belief in God is proof that knowledge and use of the scientific method doesn’t absolve one of flawed behavior. Far from it. People with an excellent understanding of logic and reasoning have been tremendously flawed in certain areas.

      To say someone shouldn’t believe in God because they don’t have proof ignores that their very belief can be proof in itself.

      As for you consequences of actions comment, agreed as well. Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot didn’t believe in God and they have been responsible for some of the worst atrocities to have ever occurred in the modern era. When death lets you escape the consequences of your actions and there isn’t fear of a higher power and afterlife to lay judgement, the human mind can expand to terrible places.

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