Masonry in Media: “Prisoners”

Hello Readers,

Livingstone here.

I figured I’d drop a nice little check out today for you. We all know that Masonic related references and elements are spread through the media in general, either by planned or inadvertently.

The movie “Prisoners” opened this past weekend to a whopping 21 million debut. What was also significant about it were the numerous Masonic references. The lead character was a Freemason first and foremost.

Prisoners Masonic Reference

Jake Gyllenhaal, as a police detective, wears a large masonic ring on his left little finger. It is seen on numerous occasions throughout the film as well as in the trailer, an image from which is shown above.










And one big thing to tickle your fancy as you watch the movie. The bad guy is named Alex Jones. Funny how that worked out.



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