Masonology 2.0.

Hello Readers,

So as many of you can see, Masonology is now in a much different form then we last remembered. It’s new, improved and better then ever. In my opinion anyways. As a Mason, we are always looking to sharpen our rough ashlar…a.k.a. clean up and fix our crap. The first generation of Masonology was content rich, but as easy on the eyes as a padded cell. But this version, still evolving I might add, will help to create a visual pallet that reflects the nature of this blog and it’s content. It also will serve to make the blog more organized and easier to navigate. I want this to be you’re iPad best friend.

So let me know what you think. Let me know if there are things I need to improve on, and I hope you enjoy the reading.



2 thoughts on “Masonology 2.0.

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