Is Barack Obama a Freemason

Hello Readers,

Livingstone here. Since I posted the Nelson Mandela article about his Masonic history and how it worked into his fight against apartheid, the views of this blog have gone through the roof. I am honored that my blog has gotten so much attention and that people are re-posting it to other places. Considering the interest in Masonic leaders, I figured I would have the next blog be focused on the biggest leader in the world, Barack Obama.

First things first. There is a conclusion to this that will surprise you near the end of this blog entry. But I am putting it down there and not up here because you must work yourself into it. Telling someone something out of context can be damaging to their understanding and context is key. So here goes.

In the 21st century, anytime someone is newly christened a leader of a nation or organization, you will soon find YouTube videos and conspiracy blogs accusing this person of being a Freemason. And sometimes it isn’t enough to be just a Mason, but a 33 Scottish Rite Mason. As if it takes being a 33 Mason to satisfy some requirement that they are without a doubt playing Satanic puppet master over the citizens of the world. And for Obama, his journey has been no different.

Is Barack Obama a Freemason

As you can see from the above link, the question is being asked early and often. And I will go step by step and assess each claim and counter claim, along with my own personal knowledge, to show you the answer.

Section A:

We can see Barack is being presented in many photos making Masonic handshakes, wearing rings, or having some secret element prove that he’s a Mason. Let’s go into a couple of these.

You will find this photo, or some variation of it all over the internet. Newsweek ran a story back in 2008 about Obama during the election cycle when Obama was running for president. And what sparked the storm of controversy was a photo showing a pair of hands with a similar skin tone to Obama, holding up the seal of the president of the United States. And indeed, that is a Masonic ring on that finger.

As far as we know, those hands don’t belong to Obama. It’s common for the media to set up certain things for a photo to connect to an article of some sort. Barack holding up a seal of the president of the United States makes for a great shot. An even better shot would have been him in it. But no, we don’t see his face. It’s generally likely these hands were staged, probably another reporter or a friend holding up the seal, and the photo of the person’s hand were taken. To further prove it, where is Obama’s wedding ring? I don’t know about you, but Michelle Obama would have the “other” ring missing.

What is curious, and we do have to give some credit to the conspiratorial here, is this person was wearing a Masonic ring. Here the conspiratorials actually have a point about something peculiar. Why would these journalists have the stand in wear the ring? Why would they have this shown prominently? What value or loss of value would this have for Obama or Newsweek?

From a conspiratorial perspective, Obama wearing a Masonic ring is a nice way to let other powerful Masons know that Obama is one of them. As such, they will use their financial and media power to influence Obama winning the election. And in some ways, that really isn’t an out of this world idea. Politicians are trying to tell people they are “one of them” all the time. The code words they use, the phrasing, etc all point to subtly saying small things that mean big things to certain people to get votes and support. But again, these weren’t the hands of Obama. This was some stand in. So what would Newsweek’s angle be? Maybe Newsweek knows something we don’t, and having a stand in do this gives Obama some plausible deniability.

So I did some searching around to get to the answer of this. Here is what Google provided.

Interestingly enough, not a single mainstream news source had an answer to this. All that existed were articles Infowars, Godlikeproductions, and Freemasonrywatch. Not one of them credible because of a lack of accuracy. The one credible one, The Grand Lodge of British Columbia website, said that Obama is not a Mason. Yet they had no answer for the Newsweek article of why this person had a Masonic ring. What I can say, is that while they think Obama is not a Mason because no lodge has announced it as such, they do forget that as Masons, we keep secrets and don’t “out” our brothers unless they choose to reveal themselves.

So our reasonings for Newsweek has done this are as follows. 1. Obama is indeed a Freemason, and they are subtly letting the world know. 2. They let some stand in wear his ring and didn’t know it was Masonic. Or 3. They intentionally did this to generate a story, get extra site hits, get people riled up and generate controversy.

If you ask me, “2” is bunk because these photographers know very well what is going on and they proof every photo that goes into their magazine by editors and such. “3” actually has more credence than people are giving because in the world of the American news media, site hits are the only reality they care about. But Newsweek is generally pretty credible, by American standards anyways. So more questions arise…

Section B:

You will find often on many Masonic watch sites a plethora of photos showing some handshake that doesn’t look normal showing that this person must be a Freemason. Because of my obligation I can’t comment on our modes of recognition because even acknowledging they exist can be construed as violating our obligation. But these people and their obsession with the “secret in the open” of a handshake have an interesting position  which warrants an entire article in itself. However we’ll focus on this photo and let’s look at this pragmatically.

Here is the video of the picture in question. Barack Obama is a Freemason Video. When Obama went to shake the hand of Bob Schieffer, he came in, shook his hand, and then went to McCain to shake his hand. The video uploader points out how Obama’s handshake was different then the one given to McCain. But here’s the question I ask…if this is true, why didn’t Obama give the handshake to McCain? Isn’t the system rigged for a false “two choices”? Also, do you think Obama and Schieffer just met on camera, that they didn’t meet before? Of course they met before, moderators are talking to people and getting people prepped all the time. You don’t think the Masonic handshake could have been exchanged then? Obviously, this is all dependent on whether the handshake was even Masonic or not. But let’s just say this YouTuber is taking you guys for a ride. Sure you could argue the handshake was done so Masons at home could confirm Obama was a Freemason. But considering how fast it happened, many of them would miss it. The uploader even had to rewind back to it and slow it down to show you. To further hit the point home, there is no Masonic network or super site for us all to talk to each other. Hence the forms of recognition. So Obama is not doing a good job showing the world he’s a Mason if you are to believe the handshake is true.

Of course the conspiracy crowd won’t have any of this, because I’m a Mason and must be lying. So let’s move forward to see what else we got.

Section C:

British Columbia Grand Lodge says Obama is not a Freemason

The BCGL website is an extremely reputable website when it comes to figuring out if someone is a Mason or not. But as we can see here, they don’t even have Nelson Mandela listed, perhaps the most famous human rights, revolutionary activist, and statesmen in the modern era. So they only go so far. As much as their article brings up some good points, again, if Obama became a Mason and wanted to make sure his lodge kept it a secret they probably would. Now of course people talk. And word might get out. But considering how society negatively views people with conspiracy theories most individuals would be deterred from spreading word that Obama is a Mason without hard evidence. Can you imagine the conversation?

“So this Obama guy is doing really well. To well”

“I got the answer for ya. He’s a Freemason. I know someone at his lodge who told me that over drinks the other night”

“Er, ok. Who was the guy?”

“:Mention friend’s name:”

So you have that. Now imagine how this new person will deal with this information. Are they going to go around telling people a friend of a friend says Obama is a Freemason? They don’t have any hard evidence. Only a friend of a friend. Also, people really don’t bring up Freemasonry in conversations because they A: Don’t even know what it is, and B: Because it sounds like you spend too much time on conspiracy websites. And even if people do talk and spread the word this becomes a game of phone tag and the tales get larger and wilder. Also mainstream websites don’t want to look like they have lost their minds by reporting rumor. So that’s an argument for why word wouldn’t spread about Obama. And for the record Obama has never been asked if he was a Freemason.

Section D:

Our next stop is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers, which seems like a great idea in theory, is brought down by people with animated cartoon characters for avatars answering serious questions on a website that looks like it would fit better in the year 1997. Also it’s packed with terrible misinformation.

Yahoo 1: Is Barack Obama a Freemason

Here is the response to the question which also asks if he is being controlled by us which tips you off to the direction this whole thing will go. The answer is almost entirely bullshit but it’s a work in mad creativity so I enjoyed that. What is sad though is it’s been voted the top answer. There aren’t any solid links and even the question itself is largely ignored by the tangental answer.

Yahoo 2: Is Obama a Freemason or some Devil Worshiper

Quick tangent. You would think it would get to me seeing all these insane posts accusing us Freemasons of horrifying evil acts and behavior. Well you’re right. It does get old. Imagine if I were Gay or Jewish going through things like this. It would be supremely painful to say the least. But for some reason, Masons have taken a different approach to stuff like this and sometimes you just have to look at it like an academic.

So here is the response to the Yahoo Answers Masonic devil worshiper question.

Barak Obama is neither a mason nor a muslim, nor a devil worshipper. As usual the republicans pedal their fear to the ignorant and easily fooled. It’s all about him being a black man in a position of power, which is every republican’s nightmare. Everyone forgets he was the member of a church prior to running for president, and they forget how the preacher of that church was famous for anti-government rhetoric. They tend to ignore facts that disprove all their bull, like the fact that his US birth certificate was produced, and the facts concerning the church he attended and the fact that he DID NOT write the health care plans the republicans have called ‘Obama-care’, which basically would bring the drug companies down off their 200% profit pedestals, thereby reducing medical insurance costs. They call it welfare, and they hate welfare – unless of course it’s corporate welfare – which helps companies move all the jobs overseas so more people can’t afford medical care.
Yeah, you guys are all about results aren’t you?
You’re just not about truth or facts.

Added fact: masons started as STONE MASONS, not blacksmiths.

This is generally true, pardon the misspellings, lack of paragraphs, and manic anti-republican tangents. The amount of level headed responses to anti-masonry are few and far between but we’ll take things like this. Anything really.

Generally the rest of the Yahoo responses say as such, saying that Obama is not a Mason. The rest of Google’s responses have the same usual conspiratorial stuff I have mentioned and not much more. So what I’ll do, is talk about famous black leaders and Masonry.

Section E:

Famous Black Freemasons

As you can see, it’s a who’s who list of people who fought for progress in the civil right movement and then attained status within the US Government. Here are a few key members.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, Carl Stokes, Booker T Washington, W.E.B DuBois, Kweisi Mfume. Also there are many mayors and statesmen not on that list. For example the last 4 mayors of Philadelphia were Masons but they aren’t listed.

So what am I getting at from all of this? What I am saying is that Black Freemasons have dominated civic life and have lead the charge of breaking through the racal barriers in America. Obama, being an educated man who spent a lot of time in the Chicago community, must have been exposed to Masonry at one point or another. Especially the Prince Hall Lodges which are very energized and active. At some point, Obama had to have wondered about becoming a Mason and what that meant. He wasn’t someone who worried about public perception, as we can remember his pastor, Reverend Wright. So Obama worrying about turning off people by becoming a Mason seems unfounded.

However Obama’s religious nature could have had an effect on him. But there is also a polarization on this. Most can agree that Obama is largely a secular man in his attitudes, things he does and his general conversation with people. Yet as a community organizer it was a church organization that he ran. And he did attend his church in Chicago for over a decade. And Wright was the person who would give invocations for him and was the man who baptized Obama’s two children. Sounds like a very Christian man to me. Of course you could say he was thinking about politics then, but we’re not sure and history shows that generally people reveal their true colors over a long period of time. If he was thinking politics, it wouldn’t have matched what he was actually doing and mistakes would have been made to reveal himself as such.

To say Obama’s religious views are complex largely true. I can see why people aren’t quite sure what to make of the man. His history was many different experiences and there is a nuance to how he carries himself now.

Obama did have a sense of gathering community and bringing people together. Also he story shows that he did have the urge and desire to chase after high level political positions. He must have been very aware that Masonry is conducive to helping men of color attain positions of power and influence due to the connections, shared experience, and trust that comes with it. It would have been ignorant for him to have not entertained the idea or at least talked to people about it.


I have gone through enough articles and stories about whether Obama was a Mason or not. There have been many reasons given to why he’s a Mason or why he isn’t. As you can see, the Newsweek article causes the most questions to swirl but other then that, we have nothing to prove that he is a Mason. Yet I want to be clear when I say this, we have nothing to disprove that he isn’t a Mason either. No one has ever asked if he is a Freemason. If he was a Freemason there are good reasons why he didn’t reveal it. How can we say that someone is not a Freemason in a United States that is filled with conspiracy theorists. Just look at this article by Boing Boing. Half the country thinks JFK was killed by some conspiracy, 37% think global warming is a hoax, 28% thinks there is a New World Order, and 15 million Americans alone think reptiles run the government. I don’t know about you but telling people you’re a Freemason in this political climate, considering the success of it’s members and it’s secrecy, would be insane.

The conclusion. We don’t know. And the only one who should tell us is Barack Obama.


10 thoughts on “Is Barack Obama a Freemason

  1. You know… This is the first article on this subject that has not only made sense, but has come up with a reasonable conclusion. Besides, it occurs to me that people are missing the point. Being a mason doesn’t mean you’re evil, or out for world domination. Just as with any organization, there are member that would use the benefits to better life, and those that would abuse them for their own personal gains.

    • I completely agree. Being a Mason is a very unique system, and that system has it’s members on all parts of the spectrum as any other society of individuals. Maybe the argument is…how many are on the different parts of each perspective.

  2. The long research you have made, did not jump into a conclusion which i expect to read or hear. You can simply ask one Mason or even a Grand Lodge in USA if Pres Obama is a mason. The long story and research did not even land into my expectation. Try again to research and make again query to all Masons you know if Pres Obama is a Mason.

    I am a Master Mason.

    Dr. Lito R. dela Cruz
    Junior Warden
    Nilad Lodge No. 12
    Under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines

  3. One thing we know is he is a brother to all minorities and non minorities. I’m not black but part Native American (Lenape tribal member) and even though I don’t agree with any leader all the time including Barrack, I do think it is good we can all be free to discuss our differences and not be angry at each other for them. Being a Mason is more important to some of us and private.

    • You are hitting on something very interesting here and that is how the term “brother” is used. In one sense it’s specific to a certain identity. Military soldiers, family members, people or a certain race or creed. It can be a way to bond people together, but to also separate them from others in the world by making other people “less important”. I have found the term brother fascinating in that regard.

      Ideally, Obama is a brother to all of humankind like all Masons should be. That is probably a worthwhile topic in itself.

  4. All powerfull politicians are freemasons …….they carryout black magic to win elections…….media is also under their control……they kill muslins only like bush ….

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