Masonology is a blog about all things Freemason, since 6013 A.L. Uncensored yet secretive. Mind-altering when possible. Always helping you improve. Masonology is the cornerstone of the free-thinking mind.

Many blogs cover some things about Freemasonry, but they don’t cover EVERYTHING Masonic. This one covers it all. News, symbolism, politics, esoteric discussion, social justice, metaphysics, history, philosophy, the Masonic community, charity, self-improvement and God. I also talk about non-Masonic things, but since I’m a Freemason, it will be consistent with the Masonic orientation of this blog. We Masons come from an ancient order, but we are always thinking about the present and working toward a better future.

I promise and swear to always give it to you as fully uncensored as possible. No tricks, no bullshit. Humans have been built from the hands of a supreme being, you have the ability to handle more then you think. I will not hold back. Yet I have sworn an obligation to keep a great many things secret. Our order is built on a superstructure of secrecy. And there are positives to that. Secrecy allows you to practice and improve yourself and others away from the spotlight. Secrecy also protects you when evil lurks. Besides, everyone has secrets…some are just a little bigger then others.

For those who are looking to expand their mind and alter it with new ideas, you have come to the right place. Men spanning the full spectrum of human thought have come to Masonry because they wish to see and hear things they cannot find anywhere else. I want you to come to this blog for the same. I won’t regurgitate ideas from the zeitgeist, I’ll give you something else. I want this blog to be a breath of fresh air and light in a world of smoke and darkness. When you feel in your heart that what people are saying is wrong, I want you to come here to find the truth with me.

Self-improvement is at the foundation of Freemasonry. Self-improvement is also the cornerstone of good and upright men and women. This blog will look to help you in just that. We must always work on the edification of our character. Our mind must constantly be built, changed, and/or polished for our Creator and for the life after. From the mundane to the life-changing, we will travel together in the journey to perfect our minds.

No matter what you think or what you believe, Masonology is here for you. Freemasonry will give you a view of the world you will find no where else, and Masonology will be your light into it. If you are someone who is unafraid of the darkness, wants to illuminate it and likes to think for yourself, then this blog welcomes your company. 



I’m a Free and Accepted Master Mason, raised and residing in the state of California. I’m a Millennial Mason, a Freemason from the Millennial Generation. Millennial Masons are the driving force behind Freemasonry’s 21st century transformations and popularity boom.

My expertise in Masonry is that I write papers for the Grand Lodge of California and serve as a Masonic Educator and Orator for my lodge.

I hope this blog will help you improve as a person, give you new perspective about the world around you, and be a home for those that have worldviews that don’t fit the traditional two side system.

My identity is kept secret as I work among those who have a history of suppressing and ostracizing Freemasons, and to give you as uncensored an opinion as possible.

To pay the bills, I make movies.

If you wish to contact me, you can always send me a message through the blog. I enjoy the feedback and I always make sure to respond within 48 hours.


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