One of the most important things we must do as Masons is remember charity. I believe that this is something that must also be important for non-Masons as well. The act of sacrificing something of your own to help those in distress is the most important element of Masonry.

A Masonic Charity that contributes it’s money as grants.

A top of the line Christian Charity that does tremendous work on Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Top 5 worldwide charity, highly efficient with their money, and they are literally saving lives. They don’t benefit at all from this, they even ban proselytizing, so their work is entirely at their own expense. Completely God oriented.


Kiva is a place where you can donate money, and that money is turned into a micro-financing system for people in 3rd world countries to invest. Think having money lent to them to buy a horse, or seeds for a field. When they are done repaying, you get your money back. If you’re into that type of thing. I’m not the type to expect my money to come back.

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