Masonic Community

Here is a brief list of some terrific Freemason or Masonic related blogs. They have different things to offer and can help you understand Masonry and what it means to be a Mason in a deeper way.


This is the most active forum of Masons I have ever been on. It’s currently focused more on the Masonic community, news, becoming a Mason, and various Masonic issues. It’s growing very quickly.

Freemasonry for Dummies

Christopher Hodapp wrote the book Freemasonry for Dummies. First written in 2005, this book has been a major reason for the resurgence of Masonry in the 21st century. He’s the place to go for Masonic News.

Millennial Mason

Nick Johnson put together a blog back in 2007 and has been a mainstay in the community ever since. He’s currently a moderator at, one of the biggest Masonic forums on the internet. A good person to go to when it comes to thoughts on the Masonic zeitgeist and where the Fraternity is going.

Midnight Freemasons

This blog is run by a number of Masons. So you will get a wide perspective about Masonry here. This blog really focuses on the personalized Masonic experience. As in the things these Masons experience and how it affects them.

I love my brothers of the craft but this website is in serious SERIOUS need of an update. It has a lot of links to different blogs so it is a good repository. But don’t judge Masonry at all on this website. Masonry is now starting to drift into the 21st century. I swear!

The Tao of Masonry

The Tao of Masonry is written by Taozen, a moderator over at /r/Freemasonry. The oldest Masonic blog on the internet, he’s the pioneer who started it all.

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